Tools to Monitor CPU Temperature

Computer overheating is a serious problem, especially in the summer. Excessive heating can cause hardware damage or abrupt computer shutdowns. Operarting your computers in hot environment can also make them work sluggishly and cause frequent system hangs. The fans will start spinning faster and will make it very noisy and uncomfortable. Thus, you should take precautions to prevent overheating.

It is a good idea to have an air conditioner install in the room where you have your computers. Another option is to keep your computer near to an open window to allow plenty of air circulation. You can also open computer casing and keep a table fan nearby to keep the CPU and other components cool.



Here are some tools to monitor your CPU temperature. It is a good idea to install atleast one of these tools and constant monitor the temperature of your CPU. My older computer failed because of excessive heating. AMD processors of that period (2005) had a bad reputation of overheating :-(



SpeedFan is a very nice tool to monitor the temperature of the CPU, motherboard and hard disk. You can also control the speed of the fans. If the temperature is a litle high, you can make the fans spin faster to bring it down. SpeedFan displays the temperature readings in the tray and also provides warning messages if the temperature gets too high. It also allows you to specify minimum and maximum temperatures.

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Core Temp

Core Temp detects and reports CPU temperature in realtime. It uses sensors located inside the computer chips and provides accurate readings. It also allows you to monitor system temperatures from an Android phone. This feature is very handy if you are running servers or leave your computer on all the time for downloads or torrent uploads.

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CPU Thermometer

This is another free tool which allows you to keep a check on CPU temperatures. It displays realtime temperature values in the system tray. It displays the temperatures of different CPU cores separately. It supports all major microprocessors. CPU Thermometer requires .NET installed on your computer.

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