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Tips to increase your phone’s battery life

Today’s mobile phones have become very powerful and can do almost everything that a laptop or desktop can do. These days a smartphone is indispensible and something that cannot probably live without.

The more you use your phone, the faster its battery will get drained. Smartphones have more powerful processors and a bigger screen and so consume more power. Processors, memory and other such components have become powerful but the same is not the case with batteries. Thus, you need to change the way you use your phone if you want to make the battery’s juice last.


Here are some tips to increase your phone’s battery life:

1) Reduce the brightness of the screen: The screen draws the maximum power in the mobile phone. BY dimming it, you can reduce this power consumption. Many smartphones come with an automatic brightness adjustment setting which changes the brightness depending on surrounding lighting conditions. However, it is better to set it at the lowest setting.

2) Set a short sleep timeout interval: If you do not use your smartphone for reading purposes, you can set the sleep timeout interval to may be 30 seconds. This can significantly prolong the battery life.

3) Uninstall unnecessary apps and widgets: Many apps and widgets run in the background even when you are not using them. They consume processing cycles and consume more power.

4) Disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS when you don’t need them. These consume lots of power.

5) Use a Battery Saver app: There are many apps that help you in saving power for Android. For example: Juice Defender. Installing one such app can significantly improve battery life.

Apart from these, promptly recharge your phone regularly. This is very important because these tips can only prolong a battery that has some charge left. A drained out battery can leave you in the dark!

Tips for Maintaining Your Android Phone/Device

If you’re been using the your computer for some time, you probably know that you have to maintain it regularly. When you use your computer, often junk files get created. Over time, these will accumulate and slow your computer down. Android phones and devices can also become slow and sluggish overtime and so you have to regularly clean them up to keep them in top-notch condition.

In this blog post, I will present simple maintenance tips using which you can keep your android phone/device in tip top condition.

Power Cycle Your Device

Many people leave their Android devices on all the time. This can sometimes make your phone slow and sluggish. Switching your phone off and on again once in every two or three days can solve this problem. When you switch off the phone and turn it on again, the phone will try to find the cellular tower again. If you’re not getting text messages or calls, you can try this and it will probably solve the problem. Restarting the phone also deletes temporary files and completes uninstallation of certain applications. This can also shut down some applications that may not be closing completely.

Choose a cache cleaner

There are many apps for cleaning junk files and leftovers on your Android device. You can search these and install them from Google play. It is advisable to run one of these cleaners once in a week or so to delete all the junk files that have accumulated on your device.

Get rid of apps that you don’t use


Installing excessive number of apps on your device can make it slow. Apps also consume storage space. By uninstalling apps that you don’t use, you can make your device faster and also save storage space.

Delete junk files from your memory card

You should regularly clean your memory card and delete unnecessary files and folders. Many applications create temporary files on the memory card. These files may remain after the application has been uninstalled. Cleaning these files will help you recover storage space on the card.

Delete old messages

Don’t let text and picture messages to pile up on your phone. If you have excessive number of messages stored on your phone, the message app can take a long time to start. If you have very important messages that you cannot afford to delete, you can back them up somewhere safe.

Reset your device once in a while

Resetting your device once in a while can help you in making your device faster. However, you will have to download all the apps again. You will also need to back up all your files or else you may lose them. Resetting your device is a good option if any of the system files have become corrupt.

By taking care of a few things here and there once in a while, you can keep your Android device working in top notch condition.

Kobian Mercury MagiQ 5" Dual SIM Tablet: Specs & Review

The mobile phone and tablet computer markets are gradually merging. This is quite evident from the recent phone tablets that have entered the market. Today, Kobian has launched another phone tablet with a 5 inch screen. In this blog post, will briefly present the specifications, features and details of this device.

Kobian Mercury MagiQ

Kobian announced the launch of its first dual SIM tablet phone – the Mercury magiQ today. The company calls it a tablet but it is also a phone. It would be more appropriate to refer to this device a “phablet”.

Coming to the specifications, this device is powered by a 1 GHz single core processor. When compared to other high players in the market, this processor is obviously underpowered. The device will run Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich and comes with a beautiful interface and many good features. Priced at Rs.12,700, this device is obviously in the midrange of the market right now.

The device features 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. It is possible to expand storage up to 32 GB by using micro-SD. It supports two GSM SIMs. Of note is the 12 megapixel camera present on the rear side of the phone. It is quite good for taking pictures of amazing quality and also 1800 pixel high-definition videos. The front facing camera is good enough for making video calls. Officially, the device will provide 13 hours of talk time and stay in standby mode for 15 days. The device weighs about 140 g.


Other features include an accelerometer, GPS support, call history feature, phonebook, push mail and instant messaging, and a mini USB port. It also features a 3.5 MM audio jack.


5 inches capacitive touchscreen display
1 Ghz single core processor
Android 4.0 ICS operating system
Dual SIM support
512 MB memory
4 GB internal storage, expandable up to 32 GB
12 mega pixel camera on the rear side
Front facing camera
13 hours talk time
15 days standby time
Kobian Mercury MagiQ Price

Priced at Rs. 12,700, this phone is about Rs. 2500 more than the Micromax A100, which is the nearest competitor. The phone comes with a one-year warranty. If you want to purchase a tablet computer running Android and also want to use it as a mobile phone, this device is a very good option. Kobian, even though has made a very late entry into the mobile/tablet market, is a good hardware manufacturer. This device could be well above the money for the features it provides.

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