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Speech Recognition Software for Improving Your Productivity As a Writer

If you are a blogger, you already know that writing quality articles for your blog on a daily basis is really a challenge. Many people suffer from what is known as writer’s block. There will also be many distractions which can affect the way you write. Anything that can make writing articles easier is really a blessing. Speech recognition software is a great tool that will make the writer’s life much easier. Today’s speech recognition software are much faster and accurate than ever before. You’ll really be surprised with their accuracy and efficiency. The only speech recognition software worth using today is Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

The average computer user can type only 40 words per minute. Some people who are more skilled than type up to 60 to 70 words per minute. However, on the other hand, it is possible to type as many as 150 words per minute using speech recognition software. This is a significant improvement which can save a lot of time which can be better utilized elsewhere. Typing on the keyboard can also be a distraction while writing. Often, you may forget your thoughts while typing. However, with speech recognition software, this problem is completely eliminated.

Most writers spend several hours every day typing on the keyboard. This can result in repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Staring at the computer can also cause pain in the neck and back. By using speech recognition software, these problems can be overcome. You can sit in any posture and dictate your thoughts. In fact, you can even lie down on a relaxing chair or bed and dictate your articles. It is really very comfortable.

Currently, there is only one good speech recognition software available. This is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It is the most widely used speech recognition software today. If you use it properly, you can achieve an accuracy of 99%. What this means is that the software will make only five mistakes in a 500 word long article. The software becomes more and more accurate with use because it learns the way you speak words. With regular use, you will find that it will make very few mistakes.

NaturallySpeaking also adapts itself to your writing style by scanning documents and e-mails that are already present on your computer. You can also add new words to the dictionary and train Dragon NaturallySpeaking to recognize them. For example, you can add names of certain places which you may use in your articles.

Apart from dictating articles, you can use Dragon NaturallySpeaking for virtually controlling every aspect of your computer. Using the software, you can easily navigate the Windows desktop and open pages applications. You can also use this software to surf the Internet.

If you have an iPad, you can use it as well with this software. Using this app, you can speak directly into your iPad and the app will transcribe your voice online and display the text. This can be very helpful because it is somewhat difficult to type larger amounts of text on mobile devices.

To be able to use NaturallySpeaking effectively, you need a high-quality microphone. This is the most important factor because if the microphone you use is not of a good quality, it adversely affects dictation quality and can make using the software very difficult.

You can purchase Dragon NaturallySpeaking online. You can also purchase it from your software or computer stores. A high quality headphone is included in the box. For more information on this software, visit http://www.nuance.com/dragon/index.htm

Can You Write 2,000 Words While Cooking Lasagne? A Look at Dictation Software for Bloggers

Dictation software offers a lot of promise to someone who writes for a living or who runs a blog. All of us who try to update our blogs on a regular basis find that we struggle to find time to write – and although we know that we should be uploading articles and posts daily our site often suffers when life becomes busy. If we had a way that we could write without having to give it our complete undivided attention and while still being able to do other things, then in theory this might allow us to write more regularly and to see our sites climb up the SERPs as a result. Imagine being able to dictate articles while driving, or while doing a workout, or just while walking down the road – it’s a great idea – but does it work?

My Experience

Unfortunately my experience with dictation software hasn’t been entirely successful. I spent a rather significant amount of money a while back on ‘Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking’ and the hands free kit, but unfortunately I found I wasn’t rewarded with quite the intuitive piece of software I was hoping for.

Is It Completely Useless?

In theory this product worked and I found that it was useful for things like recording while cooking, but unfortunately it was nowhere near as accurate as I would have liked and that was even after I had spent ages ‘training’ it to recognize my voice. The main problem was with things like ‘ls’ (it heard ‘full stop’ as ‘foo stop’ for instance) and this meant I had to speak very loudly and very quickly. Then when I wanted to edit something it had written I’d have to repeat the word I got wrong, and often this would be misheard too. While normally I can write something like 2,000 words in an hour, this was taking more like three hours – and inevitably producing something full of errors and not fit for uploading. It seems that despite its claims, this software is still much better suited to being used by disabled people for basic web surfing and where there are no other options.

Does Anything Work?

Actually though my best experience came from using mobiles and the many dictation apps that come with iPhone or Android. Despite being free in many cases this software seems more accurate – perhaps due to the fact that the phone is designed for picking up speech easily. At the same time this has the considerable advantage of being on a phone meaning it’s highly portable and you don’t have to carry your laptop with you (which almost defeats the object). Stick your phone in your pocket, put on hands free, and then muse away and let your chosen app transcribe it for you.

Of course your hands free kit and your phone will also affect accuracy here, and it may interest you to note that the most accurate combination I’ve found so far was the iPhone 4S with it’s own speakers and the native app. You’ll still need to proof read the articles yes, and it will still be much quicker to just type – but if typing’s not an option and you have a lot of work to finish then this is a good way to make the most of your time travelling or doing other things.

This post was not written using dictation software…

This guest post was written by super affiliate coach Brad Campbell; he writes about blogging, internet marketing and has mentored many successful online maketers.