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Tips for Maintaining Your Android Phone/Device

If you’re been using the your computer for some time, you probably know that you have to maintain it regularly. When you use your computer, often junk files get created. Over time, these will accumulate and slow your computer down. Android phones and devices can also become slow and sluggish overtime and so you have to regularly clean them up to keep them in top-notch condition.

In this blog post, I will present simple maintenance tips using which you can keep your android phone/device in tip top condition.

Power Cycle Your Device

Many people leave their Android devices on all the time. This can sometimes make your phone slow and sluggish. Switching your phone off and on again once in every two or three days can solve this problem. When you switch off the phone and turn it on again, the phone will try to find the cellular tower again. If you’re not getting text messages or calls, you can try this and it will probably solve the problem. Restarting the phone also deletes temporary files and completes uninstallation of certain applications. This can also shut down some applications that may not be closing completely.

Choose a cache cleaner

There are many apps for cleaning junk files and leftovers on your Android device. You can search these and install them from Google play. It is advisable to run one of these cleaners once in a week or so to delete all the junk files that have accumulated on your device.

Get rid of apps that you don’t use

Installing excessive number of apps on your device can make it slow. Apps also consume storage space. By uninstalling apps that you don’t use, you can make your device faster and also save storage space.

Delete junk files from your memory card

You should regularly clean your memory card and delete unnecessary files and folders. Many applications create temporary files on the memory card. These files may remain after the application has been uninstalled. Cleaning these files will help you recover storage space on the card.

Delete old messages

Don’t let text and picture messages to pile up on your phone. If you have excessive number of messages stored on your phone, the message app can take a long time to start. If you have very important messages that you cannot afford to delete, you can back them up somewhere safe.

Reset your device once in a while

Resetting your device once in a while can help you in making your device faster. However, you will have to download all the apps again. You will also need to back up all your files or else you may lose them. Resetting your device is a good option if any of the system files have become corrupt.

By taking care of a few things here and there once in a while, you can keep your Android device working in top notch condition.

7 Android Apps For Business Users

Android smartphones are the leading ones in the mobile market. In terms of sales, Android attracts many people as it offers a lot more play games, easy web surfing, featured apps and many more. Whatever the need may be, there are plenty of Android mobile apps, which are available in more categories that suits every business users. As Fandroids are eager to know, it’s worthy to check out a few of the following Android mobile apps for business purposes.

I focus these apps primarily for business professionals and very helpful to get benefits in their business matters.

1. Dropbox
Once you get this app installed, it syncs files in the folder between Windows or Linux and to open files, it interacts with other apps. Easy access of PDFs, business documents from computer to your mobile phone enable business users to manage their work easily.

2. Glympse
Get this beautiful location based app that helps your dear ones to inform your presence and where you are going. You can even manage groups, and at a time, you can let them know the location where exactly you were for a while. This helps business users a lot as when you are out of the office you can easily tell your families with simple tabs.

3. Flight View
Business people always find more traveling camps, and this app really helps with instant alerts if any flight cancellations or change in flight status.

4. Evernote
This is a good Android app for business users who need to take regular notes. Like Dropbox, this app easily synchronizes all your important data on SD memory card as well as with compatible devices and machines. A very popular one for iPhones is now ready for Android devices. Just download it from Google Play.


5. Pageonce Pro
Want to organise your monitory bills, look no further than Pageonce Pro. A perfect Android app to check your investment accounts, credit card bills in one place. Another benefit of this app is you get reminders and real-time updates of your account to monitor your money flow.

6. MobileBiz Pro
For those business users, who does a lot of PDF work, can consider this tiny Android app to send hassle-free PDF invoices to their clients. This pro version has many benefits compared to a free version and is a perfect choice for those working on the invoice field.

7. Google Finance
One little useful app that is neglected quite often is Google Finance. For those working with Google Finance and stocks, it can be used to create useful portfolios pertaining to their company. The Google Finance is very handy to use with three simple tabs planned conveniently on their location for checking market status, portfolios and latest business news. Another benefit of this app is that it gets regular updates to keep you connected with your workplace.

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V6 Supercharger: Max the Performance of Your Android Phone

Android phones are very popular these days. It is possible to tweak Android phones by using third-party ROMs and kernels. A developer known as ‘Zeppelirox’ has developed a script called V6 Supercharger that enables you to get the maximum performance out of your android phone. This script boosts graphical speed by clearing out unwanted applications from the memory. This script is very similar to an automatic memory management utility but the main difference is that it runs during the boot sequence.

I will try to briefly explain how V6 Supercharger maximizes the performance of your Android phone. When an application is run, it is loaded into the memory of the phone. Android puts applications into ‘Out of Memory’ (OOM) groups and assigns a priority to each from 1 to 6. These are as follows –

Foreground applications: These apps are the ones that are currently running on the screen. The system applications running in the background that are necessary for the operating system to work are also included in this list.

Visible applications: These are the apps that are visible to the user under not running in the foreground.

Secondary server: These are the apps and services that run in the background at all times. The Launcher Home is an example of secondary server app.

Hidden applications: As the name suggests, these are not visible and run in the background.

Content provider: Examples of content would include contacts content provider and calendar content provider.

Empty applications: These are the apps that are running in standby mode and are not needed currently. Since they are dormant in the background, they can be shut down safely.

It is possible to make Android run much faster by adjusting these app priorities. When the memory becomes free, the phone will run faster and snappier. V6 Supercharger does exactly this.

V6 Supercharger can be safely run on all android phones. It also works in Chinese Android smartphones. The kind of improvement it provides will depend on your phone specs. Terminate and stay resident apps such as alarms etc. will also affect the improvements provided by V6 Supercharger. You can download V6 Supercharger from the XDA forums. The procedure for installing it is also available there.

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