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Tips for Maintaining Your Android Phone/Device

If you’re been using the your computer for some time, you probably know that you have to maintain it regularly. When you use your computer, often junk files get created. Over time, these will accumulate and slow your computer down. Android phones and devices can also become slow and sluggish overtime and so you have to regularly clean them up to keep them in top-notch condition.

In this blog post, I will present simple maintenance tips using which you can keep your android phone/device in tip top condition.

Power Cycle Your Device

Many people leave their Android devices on all the time. This can sometimes make your phone slow and sluggish. Switching your phone off and on again once in every two or three days can solve this problem. When you switch off the phone and turn it on again, the phone will try to find the cellular tower again. If you’re not getting text messages or calls, you can try this and it will probably solve the problem. Restarting the phone also deletes temporary files and completes uninstallation of certain applications. This can also shut down some applications that may not be closing completely.

Choose a cache cleaner

There are many apps for cleaning junk files and leftovers on your Android device. You can search these and install them from Google play. It is advisable to run one of these cleaners once in a week or so to delete all the junk files that have accumulated on your device.

Get rid of apps that you don’t use

Installing excessive number of apps on your device can make it slow. Apps also consume storage space. By uninstalling apps that you don’t use, you can make your device faster and also save storage space.

Delete junk files from your memory card

You should regularly clean your memory card and delete unnecessary files and folders. Many applications create temporary files on the memory card. These files may remain after the application has been uninstalled. Cleaning these files will help you recover storage space on the card.

Delete old messages

Don’t let text and picture messages to pile up on your phone. If you have excessive number of messages stored on your phone, the message app can take a long time to start. If you have very important messages that you cannot afford to delete, you can back them up somewhere safe.

Reset your device once in a while

Resetting your device once in a while can help you in making your device faster. However, you will have to download all the apps again. You will also need to back up all your files or else you may lose them. Resetting your device is a good option if any of the system files have become corrupt.

By taking care of a few things here and there once in a while, you can keep your Android device working in top notch condition.

Pinterest launches iPad, Android Apps

After many months of waiting, Pinterest has finally launched native apps for the iPad and Android. Pinterest announced the new apps at a party on Wednesday. Version 2.0 of the iPhone app is also available on iTunes. It comes with a two column layout and better usability and improvements in terms of performance.

Pinterest has also written an official blog post where the details of the apps have been described. The Android app is designed to work on all Android phones and tablets. If you have any device running on Android, you will probably be able to use this app. Pinterest describes the iPad app as possibly the best Pinterest experience yet.

In the recent days, Pinterest has risen to become the third most popular American social networking website. Pinterest receives almost 20,000,000 unique visitors every month. It is also of interest to note that visitors to Pinterest spend more money on more items than on any other social networking website. This finding comes from comScore and is of particular interest to those in the Internet marketing field.

Pinterest used to be an invite only network. However, from last week onwards, it has dropped its invite only status and is now open to all. Pinterest is also the fastest social networking website to hit the 10 million active users mark. In the recent days, the company has also redesigned its website and given its repinning feature a new look.

The month of May, it was announced that Pinterest had received a $100 million funding round led by the Japanese company Rakuten. It can be said without doubt that Pinterest will continue to improve in popularity as more and more people discover and start using it.

Via: USAToday.com.

More information: http://blog.pinterest.com/post/29392054155/introducing-pinterest-for-android-ipad-and-iphone

Top Five Money-Saving Android Apps

In tough economic times, it only makes sense to use your Android device to help you find ways to save money. If you are a fan of using coupons, you can use apps to search for and use digital coupons right on your smartphone. Apps are available that let you see a variety of last-minute offers, private sales and daily deals while you’re on the go with your device. Have a look at these top five Android apps, which developers have designed to make it easier for you to save money. For more ideas, go to We Know Money.

Groupon – Daily Deals, Coupons

The Groupon Android app provides new daily deals in more than 500 cities across the world. Discounts usually range from 50 percent to 90 percent, offering users opportunities to save big money on goods and services, such as dance lessons, pizzas and designer sunglasses. The app delivers deals selected by Groupon every morning to your phone, so you can start the day fresh with a new money-saving offer. You can use the app to purchase and redeem each deal, as well as keep track of each Groupon that you’ve purchased according to their expiration date and location. The Groupon app introduces you to a variety of interesting deals that you may not otherwise stumble upon.


Christie’s app, developed by Christie’s art business auction house for Android users, enables you to quickly see the latest opportunities to save money while you’re on the go. Use the app to browse among Christie’s 80 categories of fine and decorative arts offerings, such as collectibles, fine art, jewellery, photographs, or wine in an auction calendar view or in a grid of thumbnail pictures. The app lets you search for money-saving auctions by keyword, track sales and lots, as well as register to bid in future sales. You can also read articles and watch videos about art to learn more about the history of Christie’s auctions.


The Coupons App

If you are a fan of using coupons to help you save money, you’ll want to check out The Coupons App for Android. It delivers numerous coupons that are redeemable at restaurants and stores. The app also provides information on the least expensive gas at nearby stations, based on your current location. Coupons update throughout the day in real time, so you’re always just seconds away from seeing another money-saving deal. You can even use the app to use your voice to search for coupons, which is a boon for the frugal multi-tasking person.


The Hotels.com app for Android gives you an opportunity to book any of more than 20,000 last-minute deals from your choice of more than 140,000 hotels around the world. It features special “Tonight’s Local Deals,” which are opportunities provided exclusively to users of the Hotels.com app. Imagine you are on the road and don’t have access to a laptop or a desktop computer. Instead, you can use your Android device to swiftly find the best local deal for accommodations that night. With a single touch, you can see images of hotel locations, so you can get a better idea of what to expect before you make your reservation.


The LivingSocial app for Android, developed by LivingSocial Deals, is designed to help you find the greatest deals available in your city no matter where you happen to be.

People who want insider information about ways to save money while shopping or eating at restaurants can use the app to see new opportunities, and then make purchases directly from their Android device. The app also helps you plan vacation packages, family-friendly events and adventure trips in North America, Europe and Oceana.