Pros and Cons of Using Dragon Naturally Speaking for Writing Articles

Pros and Cons of Using Dragon Naturally Speaking for Writing Articles

Computers have become so advanced today that it is now possible to dictate articles without having to type them. Dragon Naturally Speaking is currently the industry standard in speech-to-text technology. In fact, there are no other competing products to Naturally Speaking.

The main advantage of using Dragon Naturally Speaking is that it is very fast and accurate. If used properly, it can give you 99% accuracy. If you dictate a 500 word long article, you can expect only 5 minor mistakes. However, Naturally Speaking is not a magic bullet. It has disadvantages as well. In this post, I will provide more information about the advantages and disadvantages of Naturally Speaking.


Very fast and accurate

Dragon Naturally Speaking is very fast. Using this software, you can write articles at least 3 or 4 times faster when compared to typing. You can speak as fast as you think but typing is significantly slower. You can write 500 word long articles in less than 5 minutes if you dictate fast.

Naturally Speaking is very accurate and doesn’t make spelling mistakes. It also recognizes many accents. The only mistakes you will have to correct are wrong words and phrases. If you dictate properly in a bold and uniform tone, even these will be significantly reduced. You can edit your dictations later on and correct the mistakes one by one.

Reduces stress

Since you don’t have to type, you can sit relaxed in your chair or lie down and even close your eyes and dictate your articles. Using Naturally Speaking, you can write stress-free. It also reduces the chances of developing repetitive stress injuries such as Carpal-Tunnel syndrome.

Works with many applications

Dragon Naturally Speaking works with many applications such as email clients, web browsers, word processors etc. Using the software, you can completely control your computer without having to touch the keyboard.


High hardware requirements

You need a fairly powerful computer to run Dragon Naturally Speaking. You need at least a dual-core processor and 2 GB of RAM to be able to use the software properly. If you use DNS on older computers, it will not provide accurate results.

A high quality headset is a must

If you use an ordinary headset, the accuracy of recognition is terrible. A decently priced noise-cancellation headset is needed to get good results. You should also operate your computer is a relatively quiet place. Even fan sound can adversely reduce the accuracy levels.

Available only on Windows and Mac

Dragon Naturally Speaking is available only on Windows. Nuance has a similar product for mac but currently there is no version for Linux. If you are using Linux, you are out of luck because you cannot run it using WINE.

Recognition errors can cause loss of concentration

If your setup is not perfect, Naturally Speaking will make many mistakes which will break the flow of the article. These mistakes are distracting and kill your concentration and slow you down. This can prevented by using a good headset and training the software properly. Also avoid reading the text until you complete dictating. It even helps to close your eyes and dictate. You can correct the mistakes later on. This should only take a few minutes.

Requires training

Naturally Speaking has to be trained properly before your start seeing accurate results. This takes time and is very boring. Sometimes the software suddenly becomes inaccurate for no reason.

In conclusion, Naturally Speaking is good software for writing articles fast. However, it has its own share of disadvantages. Nevertheless, it is excellent software for improving your productivity. Voice recognition has come a long way but there is still scope for plenty of improvement. There is no magic bullet when it comes to writing articles. You still have to do the hard work on your own. There are no shortcuts.

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