How to Create Strong Easy to Remember Passwords

ImageStrong passwords are the first step towards computer security. Often, online accounts are compromised because the passwords used were weak. Your passwords should be in such a way they should not be easy to guess. They should also be such that you remember them. In this blog post, I will explain how to create strong yet easy to remember passwords.

Method 1: By combining small words

Passwords consisting of a combination of small words are very difficult to crack but very easy to remember. Examples include “butcutdo”, “penredlink”, etc. You can also use capitalization and numbers to make the passwords even more secure. It is better to choose words that have no correlation.

Method 2: Using the names of things you like


You can use the names of your favorite things as passwords. For example: the name of your favorite movie with suitable easy-to-remember modifications. For example, if your favorite movie is Die Hard 4.0, you can create a password similar to “Die*Hard*4.0″. Such passwords are very difficult to crack and are almost as safe as randomly generated passwords.

Method 3: By removing the vowels

You can remove the vowels in easy to remember phrases to generate very strong passwords. For example you can remove the vowels in the spelling of your full name and generate a password. You can also replace the vowels with a suitable character such as * to make difficult to guess passwords.

The best method:

The best method is to use a password generator such as KeePass and store your passwords in a file encrypted using TrueCrypt. You can copy paste the passwords and you won’t have to worry about remembering the password. However, always remember the password to the TrueCrypt encrypted file because if you forget it, you will lose all your passwords.