Google Hangouts Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Hangouts is a new service from Google which allows you to send messages, photos and make video calls. The service is available in Gmail, Google+, iOS or Android devices and as a Chrome extension.

Google Hangouts is essentially the next version of Google Talk and comes with many cool features. One of the main new features is that you can group chat with your contacts. This is a nice feature to stay in touch with your friends.

Google Hangouts keyboard shortcuts

You can use various keyboard shortcuts with Google Hangouts. Use the following shortcuts to add formatting to your messages:

1. Ctrl + b : Bold

2. Ctrl + i : Italicize

3. Ctrl + u : Underline

To close a Hangout window, press Esc. If you are using Hangouts Chrome extension, you can minimize all the Hangouts windows at once by pressing Shift and clicking on the minimize window in one of the windows.