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Today I came across an interesting story. This is a real-life incident about a person called Ian Griffin. He is the founder of the website called, a website dedicated to complaints about bad services and settlements. Ian Griffin started this website after he was cheated by two of his employees.

Ian Griffin started a company called “Griffin Finance Ltd” when he was in the early 20s. Later on, the name of the company was changed to “Harrington Brooks Accountants Ltd”. The business was highly successful and he employed two of his neighbors by the names of Nick Holmes and Miles Grady to run the sales and bookkeeping for the firm. Later on, Mr. Griffin made Mr. Holmes and Mr. Grady equal partners in the company.

Some years later, Nick & Miles approached Griffin and asked him if he would like to cash his shares as they wanted to keep the company small and had no intentions of expanding. The reported that is the shares were worth about 1.2 million pounds. However, the actual figures revealed that there was at least 5 to 7 times more than that.

Ian then took advice from a friend and made them sign an embarrassment clause. This is essentially an agreement which says that if the directors are refinancing or selling the company at the time or within a reasonable amount of time, he would be able to claim back the difference. Such an act falls under corporate fraud and can carry a prison sentence but the clause makes it easier to reclaim the money instead of court proceedings which can take many years. Ian accepted the offer.

Later on, he came to know that a part of the company had been sold for about 15,000,000 pounds. The company had been his life and this betrayal and loss of trust caused him depression and a nervous breakdown eventually.

A few years later, Ian regained his health and started to bring to light of the public the names of his ex-employees. The website soon attracted thousands of visitors. This website is currently dealing with millions of disputes and settlements.

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Reliance slashes 3G data prices: 1GB now @ Rs. 123 only!

Reliance Communications has slashed 3G rate by 50% for its prepaid and postpaid customers. Reliance has taken this step to gain more customers for its 3G data plan segment.

Now customers have to pay Rs. 123 for 1 GB with 30 days validity. Earlier, it used to be Rs. 250 for 1 GB with 30 days validity. If you need more data, you can get 2 GB for Rs. 246 and 4G for Rs. 492.


Reliance has stated on its website that this recharge is not applicable for use in 3G dongles. It has also stated further that “data benefits will be forfeited if the recharge is done for usage in Data Dongles”. It is not clear if Reliance is referring to its own data dongles or using Reliance SIM in 3G dongles.

This is definitely good news as other players such as Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, etc. will follow suit or risk losing their customers to Reliance. We can expect better 3G plans in the coming months. The 3G revolution, it seems, is here at last.

Top 6 Applications in Android market to save battery

Guest post by Asoka Vardhana

One of the most in demand applications in android market belongs to the section of battery .In fact there is so much demand that, there is a dedicated section for applications related to battery and SIM only. Many applications related to saving battery are available in today’s android market. In this article we shall have a look at the top ones.

  1. Juice defender- Perhaps one of the best android applications in android market for battery saving. It is most searched and downloaded one in the market today in this category. Juice defender comes on paid and free versions .The application helps in keeping the power consumption within control .For example, based on battery level, the power drawing applications are disabled like Wifi connectivity, specific application connectivity and synchronization events.
  2. Battery Defender- Another application in this category which has also great demand in the market. Battery defender comes with great look and feel. One of the prominent features of battery defender is automatic disabling of applications which consume power while the applications are in sleeping mode.Wifi and data connection are turned off in less than 20 seconds of turning off the screen. Based on the sleeping time preferences, disabling the data and wifi connections. Battery defender helps very much in identifying applications which run in background and draw power. Some of the application developers check the drawing power of the applications using battery defender statistics.
  3. Easy battery Saver- Another good application in the market for battery saving, easy battery saver comes with easy options to optimize for every android phone available in market. The application also has default modes for saving battery. One is also allowed to set his/her preferences for battery saving as well.
  4. Tap cleaner – With a cache cleaner, history cleaner and a default cleaner in the application, Tap cleaner clears the caches as needed. It comes in free and paid versions.. The cache cleaner clears the storage space taken up by temporary files and history cleaner is used to clear the web browsing cache. The application is capable of displaying the available space and for scheduling and supporting automatic cache clearing.
  5. 2 x battery – This application focuses and controls on cellular data connections. The application is capable of disabling cell data when the screen is in sleeping or standby mode or with a specified time interval. One stand out feature for 2 x battery is the representation, both graphically and numerically, of the estimated battery life. This would give a fair idea to users on the different power consuming applications and on the battery life time.
  6. Battery indicator Pro- Comes in both free and paid versions and has abilities of logging the activity of battery to a file(only in paid version), alarms for different battery levels and the feature of customizing the look and feel of the application. As the name suggests, battery indicator can provide only the information of the power consumption. Its at times a convenient way to get the information at a grasp.

About Author: Asoka Varadhana is a writer and blogger who likes writing in the tech  and mobile niche especially on phone card and 4G technology . He is reachable at


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