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Five Good Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for Java

Java is a very popular computer language. It runs on many different hardware platforms and operating systems. Today Java powers a wide variety of computing platforms ranging from desktops and laptops, smart phones and embedded systems. Even though it has been almost 20 years since Java was first introduced, its importance has not waned. It continues to be one of the most widely used programming languages today.

There are many different kinds of tools that make programming easy. An Integrated Development Environment or IDE is one such tool. It is a powerful application which comes with many tools and features that make coding easier. Some of the tools and features include code checking, syntax highlighting, automated build process, etc. If you want to improve your programming productivity, using an IDE is probably the first step.

Different IDEs are available for different programming languages. There are many free IDEs for Java as well. Usually, one of these five IDEs should be sufficient for your needs. However, there are also commercial IDEs. These are mostly used in the software industry and have specialized purposes.

Here are some good IDEs for Java:


Eclipse is the most popular free Java IDE. It comes with a large number of features and tools which make it exceptionally powerful. It is also extensible by means of plug-ins. Other versions of Eclipse, customized for other programming languages are also available. Eclipse makes programming in Java much more easier. It uses the concept of work spaces which makes program management much more easier. Eclipse can be downloaded from


NetBeans is another popular integrated development environment for Java. It comes from the right mix of tools, features and documentation. It is very popular among Java programmers. After eclipse, NetBeans is the second most popular integrated development environments for Java. You can download NetBeans from


IntelliJ is a free IDE which supports faster compilation and provides support for Java 8. It also supports Android application development. IntelliJ can be downloaded from


JDeveloper is an IDE developed by Oracle which also owns and maintains Java. JDeveloper comes with many good tools and features. You can download JDeveloper from


DrJava is a simple and lightweight IDE designed especially for people learning Java programming. If you are just starting with Java, this is a very good choice. DrJava is developed by Rice University and can be downloaded from

Top 10 Webmaster Forums 2013

Webmaster forums can be a very good source of information related to websites, blogging, search engine optimization and Internet marketing. They can also be a good place to make friends with like-minded people with whom you can share your thoughts and opinions. You can also promote your websites using forums. Maybe people will use forums for building back links.

Last but not the least, webmaster forums can also be a good place to buy and sell services such as Web hosting , search engine optimization, content, etc. If you are a freelancer, you can try to find work using Webmaster forums.

top 10 webmaster forums 2013


There are many webmaster forums. You can locate them easily using your favorite search engine. While it makes sense that you create accounts on as many webmaster forums as possible, you’ll see maximum benefit by registering on only the top few of them.

Here is a list of the top 10 webmaster forums according to the number of members and Alexa rankings:

How to search the Windows 8 Store

Windows 8 comes with a powerful search feature. The instant search on the start screen is very efficient and fast. However, it is not available in the Desktop mode or when apps are running. However, you can start a search from anywhere by pressing Windows+Q.

Windows Store comes with an in-built search function as well. You can start typing when you are on the store front and get the results right in the Charms Bar. You can also see the search suggestions based on the previous search strings you might have used.

You can choose the suggested and top results with a click or tap, or enter for a list of all the apps that match the search string you entered.

When you are on an apps profile page, you can’t use the same option to search. Direct input is not available on these pages. The same is the case when you are running a different app and want to search the store or when you are in the classic desktop mode and want to check if an app is listed in the Windows Store.


To search the Windows Store from these locations, press Windows+Q and open the Charms Bar with search activated. Type in the search query and choose Store from the list of applications listed on the side bar. This will redirect the search to the Windows Store application and only store apps will be returned when you press Enter.

It is possible to use filters on the search results page to filter results by category, price, etc. or sort the apps by factors such as date, price or rating.