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Google launches improved patent search service

Google has improved its patent search service by adding a new search tool that will enable users to investigate patent claims more easily. It is interesting to note that Google has been the target of over 100 patent lawsuits in the last decade. Google launched its patent search service in 2006 by integrating all the patents filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Recently, it has also included all the patents filed with the European Patent Office.

Google has also added a new tool known as "Prior Art Finder". The term prior art refers to records of earlier inventions that were filed before a specific patent claim. Patents are granted only when the invention is new and not obvious. To explain that an invention is new, inventors usually cite prior art by searching earlier patents or journal articles. It is somewhat difficult to judge the novelty of the patent and requires a lot of searching in various patent databases. Google has designed the Prior Art Finder to make this process simpler and easier.

Prior Art Finder enables users to search In Google Patents, Google Scholar, Google Books, and the Internet as well. Since it uses many different sources, it is very efficient at finding prior art.


Every technique used to identify prior art has its own shortcomings. This improved patent search service can probably overcome these shortcomings and prove to be an effective tool for searching patents.

The tool can also be used for finding potential patent infringements. By locating patents that were issued after the source patent, potential infringement can be easily identified. This way, Google has put more power back into the hands of inventors.

In the recent years, Google has invested significantly in patents by making some major acquisitions, with Motorola Mobility being the latest. With the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Google has significantly increased the size of its patent pool related to smartphones and related technologies.

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EIG Acquires HostGator for $225 Million

EIG Acquires HostGator for $225 Million

Here is news for Hostgator customers: the company has been acquired by EIG for $225 million. This is currently a hot topic on almost all major hosting forums now.

According to news reports, Mr. Hari Ravichandran, CEO of Endurance International Group (EIG) offered Brent Oxley, CEO of Hostgator $225 million and he accepted the offer. The deal has been finalized and Oxley leave the company in a few weeks.

EIG is a business group which has acquired many small and large web hosting companies and domain registrars in the recent years. Some of the acquisitions include Fatcow, iPage, Bluehost and VPSLink. Hostgator is one of the largest hosting companies today and with this acquisition, EIG has definitely taken a large share of the hosting market.

Among the various acquisitions made by EIG recently, only Bluehost is a big company. The remaining companies are all growing startups and target niche markets. With Hostgator is the list now, EIG has definitely taken a large chunk of the hosting market.

Hostgator customers need not worry about the acquisition because the quality and support may remain the same as before. Hostgator had a reputation for excellent customer support and very low downtime. However, we cannot be very sure what will happen next. The datacentre may be moved to a different location and so there is a chance of downtimes during the migration process.

If you are a Hostgator customer backup all your sites to your hard disk just to be safe if something were to go wrong. The whole migration process is expected to take 3-4 weeks. In the future, there is also a possibility of expanding the hosting infrastructure.

I was a Hostgator customer for many years and I was very happy with them. The prices, the reliability and the customer support—no other company can ever match. When I left Hostgator for another company, I got a call from the retainer division asking me why I was cancelling my account. She even offered me one month of free hosting for staying with them. Hostgator used to be the best. Hope it will remain what it used to be.

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3 Tips for Get More Out of Guest Blogging

3 Tips for Get More Out of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an effective way to create backlinks for your blog and drive direct traffic. The links will be very relevant to your niche and also have SEO weight provided you choose your blogs well. You can also establish yourself as a reputable authority in the niche. In my opinion, guest blogging is the best technique for building backlinks and should be used by everyone who is serious about blogging.

Guest blogging is even more effective if it is done the right way. Links from all blogs are good for SEO but if the blogs are tightly related to the niche of your blog, it will be even better. Here are three tips for getting the maximum out of your guest blogging efforts:

Choose the right blog for guest blogging

Locating blogs that accept guest blogs can be very easy. You can search in Google for terms such as

“key phrase” + “write for us”

and locate many blogs related to your niche. Many bloggers don’t openly state that they accept guest blog posts. In such cases, you can contact them using email or the contact form on the blog and politely enquire if they accept guest posts. The key is to identify as many blogs as possible. If you write well, many will accept your articles but some will not. It is better not to bother bloggers who will not accept your articles.

Write solid articles

When writing guest you should be extra careful to avoid grammatical and other mistakes. Your articles will be posted to other blogs where you will have no control and so if you make any mistakes it can affect your credibility. Take time, research well on the topic and give the articles your best input. If you don’t have time to write articles on your own, you can also hire freelance writers to write the articles for you. This is a very good option if you don’t have time or if you are running very big guest blogging campaigns.

You should also concentrate on your bio section at the end of the articles. It is best to keep it simple. A few sentences about yourself and your blog should do the job. You can also promote specific posts on your blog by putting the targeted keywords in the anchor text.

Promote your guest posts

Once your articles are accepted, don’t simply stop there. You should also promote your guest blog posts. You can link to your articles from your blogs or websites. You can also post links to your guest posts to your Facebook page. Promoting your guest posts will directly benefit your blog. Also respond to comments and keep it lively.