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5 Tips that will turn you into a winning online poker player

If you like the game of poker, but you are constantly losing, it is important for you to mend your losing ways, as soon as possible. If you feel that you are eternally doomed to keep losing in poker, then there is a good news for you. There are certain tips that can be provided to you, so that you can turn your losing streak into a winning one. It is important that you abide by it, so that you do not come under any sort of problems.

1. The first method to keep yourself in the winning ways is to go for managing the amount of money that you bet on each and every game. It is extremely natural for you to play your better hand. With a lot of money, but what differentiates the long-term winners from the amateurs is such particular tells. Your opponent can easily latch on to such kind of features in your body language, and you shall end up always on the downside, even after they have managed to put forward a lot of investment.


2. Table selection is another tip that is to be provided to amateurs. Most of the seasoned Internet poker players make sure that they can actually play many tables at once. This enables them to actually have a higher ratio of winning players, when compared to the average the losing ones. Go through the different poker forums, understand about the poker websites that can provide you with multi-table playing, and tend to go for such kind of websites. Table selection is very much important, as it can directly translate into profit. If you feel that the table in which you are sitting is not profitable, wait for at least 10 minutes in order to find a more profitable spot.

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3. Do not play when there is a lot of psychological factors located in your body. Most of the people get tired extremely easily, or they are emoting in such a manner that frustration along with anger seeps out from their body. Playing too many tables can also become a tiresome affair, as they cannot keep a hold on the amount of games that they are playing simultaneously. When you know that you are going to lose, it is important of you to fold, not keep on playing. You need to be in the right frame of mind, so as to play poker. Texas Holdem is a wonderful game that you could play as well.

4. You do not take the help of bonuses and incentives. This is going to help you go a long way in order to save a lot of money. Make use of these at the earliest possible opportunity, for the betterment of the money in your gambling account.

5. Do not think yourself to be above any sort of learning. Always go through the different poker strategies, and understand as to why people had gone for those particular moves. It is more or less like chess, but in this poker format, it is as much a gamble, as it is about body language.

It is with confidence that can be told about the people making amends on the amount of poker money that they have wagered, that they can get back if they follow the five tips mentioned above.

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Apple Will Drop Google Maps in iOS 6

There are news reports that Apple will drop Google Maps in its upcoming iOS 6 platform. The technology giant has decided to use its own mapping system.

The mapping system which will come included in iOS 6 will be fairly similar to Google Maps but is described as a cleaner, faster and more reliable service.

In the recent years, Apple had acquired various mapping companies such as Placebase, C3 Technologies and Poly9. Using technologies obtained from these acquisitions, Apple has developed its own mapping system to replace Google Maps.


The main plus point of the Apple Maps application is a powerful 3D mode which is based on technology developed by C3 Technologies, a Swedish firm which was acquired by Apple last year.

Apple has been gradually distancing itself from Google Maps. A few days back, Apple announced that it had switched from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap for its iOS iPhoto app.

Apple will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco from June 11 to 15. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 6, the sixth version of its mobile operating system at this conference.

Aishwarya Rai Childhood Pics

Aishwarya Rai is considered by many as the most beautiful woman in the world. She is one of the most well-known actresses in India. Here are some cool childhood pictures of Aishwarya Rai.







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