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How to make money online by freelancing

The Internet has made many things possible. One of them is the ability to work from home and yet make comfortable amounts of money. In fact, there are many people who have quit their full-time jobs to work solely on a freelance basis. However, it should be noted that freelancing online to make good amounts of money is not simple. Apart from skills, it also requires a lot of dedication and proper time management.

Here are some tips to make money online through freelancing:

Be confident: When you start freelancing, you will face a lot of difficulties initially. It can be difficult to find work. You may not find paying clients. However, try to stick to your schedule and don’t lose hope. It takes time and effort to find good paying projects. However once you land big projects, it should not be much of an issue. If you’re using freelancing websites, you may have to bid on a very large number of projects before getting offered one of them. This can really be discouraging but you will have to stick to what you’re doing. Many people in the freelancing world started as failures.

Build a portfolio: If you want to succeed in the online freelancing market, it is crucial to build a portfolio. If you build a good portfolio, it will be easier to get projects. It also makes you look more professional and dedicated. Building a portfolio is not that difficult. If you’re into designing websites, you could create a website showcasing all your designs. And if you’re into freelance writing, you could create a blog where you occasionally post samples of your works.


Promote yourself actively: It is very important to promote yourself actively if you want to gain more customers/clients. There are many ways to promote yourself. One of the best strategies is to write a very good CV in your profile on freelancing sites. Another option is to write guest blog posts and mention about your services in your signature. You can also promote yourself offline. For e.g. by printing visiting cards or through brochures.

Try alternate sources of income: Don’t just concentrate only on freelancing. Start a blog or a website and promote affiliate products. Affiliate marketing can be a good secondary source of income. You can also use Google AdSense for monetizing your website/blog. Many people make good amounts of money from their blogs using AdSense and so it is worth trying. You can also sell advertisement space on your blog or website. If your website/blog has a good pagerank and traffic, this can be a good way to make money from it.

Outsource: Outsource some of your work. You cannot do everything all by yourself. By ensuring that there is a margin, you can not only get the work done faster but also make some money in the process. However, when you outsource, be careful with whom you select.

Making money online through freelancing is difficult initially but it is not that difficult. It is achievable and there are many examples to prove this.

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Freelance writing opportunities for moms

Freelance writing opportunities for moms

Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you love. You can keep yourself busy or entertained while earning money at the same time. There are a lot of things you can do; freelancing is one of the options.

· Freelance writing is very easy to do. It is a very flexible job, you just have to be well organized and some good management skills. All you have to do is create a resume and post it online.

· Employers are all over the internet and getting hired happens in a jiff. Clients will usually give you certain topics to write about and they will also give you a word limit. If you are going to start working as a writer, make sure that you get the education you’re going to need for it. You have to have a solid grasp in, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and you have to be fluent in certain languages. You also have to allot enough time for this, just because you are working at home doesn’t mean that you can work anytime you want, you will still have a deadline that you have to follow. You can also write for online websites or write for blogs.

· There are more jobs out there are on the freelancing side, such as blogging or paid-surveys. All you have to do is share some insights about other people’s products, use some space on site for putting up ads and posting those surveys for other people to answer.

· You can also go into other types of work. You can create and sell, such as jewellery or beadwork, knitting, cooking and baking or any other work-at-home types of jobs. Just determine what your marketable skills are and work at it.

Choosing the right work for you is important. Because if it is something you don’t enjoy doing. Your works will most probably turn out bad or you’ll feel forced every time you have to work. You have to consider the time you are willing to give, the income, and the weight of the work in order to get the juices flowing every time you work. And let’s admit it, being a mom is quite difficult because you have to juggle everything. This includes your kid, husband, finances, your job and even yourself. Make sure to choose something that goes well with your personal interests. Freelancing, crafts, photography and many more. Show your creative side and enjoy earning money alongside with being a mom.

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Calling all Technophiles! 3 Free Technology Courses from MIT

Guest post by Barbara Jolie

Calling all Technophiles! 3 Free Technology Courses from MIT

Whether you’re a blogger, a webmaster, an SEO expert, or social media junkie, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about learning more about technology. Not only is it a way to expand your mind and learn a little more about how the world works, strengthening your grasp on the technological issues of today will make anyone a more well-rounded online professional. Now, anyone interested in learning more about technology and its social impact can do so for free, from one of the best tech universities in the world. Here are just three of the course offerings from MIT’s Open CourseWare that would suit the interests of any technology lover:

1. Technology in History

This course strives to answer the question of technology’s role in human history. The course covers four key points in history and examines how the development and use of technology played a part in shaping these transitions. From the human revolution, to the Neolithic Revolution, to the Industrial Revolution, and on to the following rise in human population and power, the course will cover the first stages of technological development to its current state. This is a great course for anyone looking to brush up on wide scale history and learn about the rise of different forms of technology throughout.

2. The Anthropology of Cybercultures

For anyone who works online, especially in a social capacity, this course can definitely provide interesting insight. Digital technologies will be examined from the context of the cultural and material practices that support them. Students will explore the social history of automation, the development of the word ‘cyber’, cybergoegraphies and politics, robotics, humanlike machines, artificial intelligence, online sociality, gaming and hacking. Students will look at the implications of these technological developments and how society will be conceptualized in new ways as technology further changes the way we interact.

3. Ethics and the Law on the Electronic Frontier

This another great course for webmasters, especially those who own multiple online properties. Also, anyone involved in web publishing, such as bloggers and other creatives, could benefit from the information covered. The course looks to examine the interaction between the law, policy and technology when it comes to control of the Internet. The hugely important issues of privacy and transparency will be discussed, and students will learn about the current regulations that govern use of and access to information online.

About the author:

Barbara Jolie is a full time freelance writer and blogger in the Houston area. She enjoys writing about education and the advantages of online classes for all students. If you have any questions email Barbara at .